Message from Chairman – please read

The A team not fulfilling the fixture at Fylde last Saturday is the second occasion we have had insufficient numbers to play a game this season.The fixtures when we were originally at home to Ormskirk and Fylde are now reversed so we travel to both these teams in the new year.Therefore after Christmas the A Team are now on the road for the majority of the games.
As most will be aware the Halbro North West Leagues rules allow for expulsion from the League at the point of not fulfilling four games in any given season.In other words if we call off one more game we are playing Russian roulette over exclusion from the League for the remainder of the season.
If expelled there is NOT an automatic return to the Halbro leagues in the following season.We would have to apply once again giving a detailed explanation as to how our position has improved to clearly demonstrate we would not once again impact on the League by dropping out.
Sorry to sound brutal but if we were “kicked out” out the structured well run Halbro leagues in my view this would be the death of our second team.
There is few if any local second teams possibly a odd friendly.The alternative is the Cumbria 2 league involving a few fixtures with teams all based in North /West Cumbria.
This is a heartfelt message addressed to everyone connected with our proud club as we approach our 90th anniversary season.If for the second part of both teams seasons we do not collectively increase commitment for these crucial few months we are going to end up a one team rugby club.
We have played 70 differing senior players this season and I would urge everyone involved to play as many games as they can and get back in the mindset of playing week in week out wherever possible.The consequences of only turning out for a game of rugby when at a loose end will have damaging consequences on our proud club.
Sorry for the tone involved above but in my opinion we have reached a desperate critical time.”
John Horne

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