Changes to Members Loyalty Card Scheme

16th August 2017

Members Notice

Members Loyalty Card Scheme


          The Board have decided to cease the Members Concessinary Card Scheme whereby adult members could purchase alcohol at reduced rates with effect from Friday 18th August 2017. Instead this will be replaced by a Members Loyalty Points Scheme. Under this new Scheme adult Members will earn and accumulate loyalty points on bar purchases of consumables provided they pass their valid membership card to the bar staff when ordering. Points may be redeemed against any future purchase of consumables from the club bars on presentation of their valid membership card when ordering.

The points earned equate to the current levels of cash discount enjoyed by members (circa 10%) but in addition applies to all bar purchases of consumables.


For and on behalf of Hawcoat Park Ltd Board

16th August 2017

HPSC Members Loyalty Card Points Scheme.

Operating rules/procedures.

  1. The Loyalty Card Points Scheme (LCPS) will allow adult members to earn and accumulate points on purchases of consumables from the Club bars. The LC will also double as a Membership Card and will NOT be reissued annually.
  2. LCP’s will be earned on the total cash element of all purchases of consumables and accumulated within the EPOS system for each member.
  3. LCP’s may be redeemed against future purchases of consumables on presentation of the member’s  LC at the time of ordering at the bar.
  4. The LCPS operates at the sole discretion of the Board who have the right to withdraw its benefits as and when deemed necessary and/or considered impractical to operate e.g. K2B Walk day.
  5. LCPS points will be set at the discretion of the Board and input to the system by the General Manager.
  6. Only paid up adult members (18 years and plus) are eligible for a Loyalty Points /Membership Card.
  7. Members failing to renew their annual membership by 31st January will have their LC invalidated until such time as payment is processed.
  8. Each LC will contain a unique number allocated and cross-referenced to each Member.
  9. Member details will be recorded and retained on the EPOS System in compliance with the Data Protection Act and Amendments thereto.
  10. Members must present their LC to the Bartender when placing their order who will zap the LC at the EPOS till to activate the award of points and check that the customer is the cardholder before returning the card to the Member and taking payment.
  11. LC’s are non-transferable.
  12. LC points are non-transferable.
  13. Accumulated points will be written-off on termination of Membership.
  14. Member’s LC points not redeemed after 12 months of card inactivity will be written-off.
  15. Members found to be abusing the LCPS may have their LC invalidated subject to a Board review.
  16. Damaged, lost or faulty LC’s must be returned/reported to the Duty Bar Manager together with the replacement administration fee where applicable.
  17. Damaged and lost LC’s will be invalidated and replaced with new cards at a charge of £2.50 each or as revised.
  18. Undamaged faulty LC’s will be invalidated and replaced with new cards free of charge to the Member.
  19.  A “No LC at time of order, No Points” policy will be operated.
  20. Members may be contacted from time-to-time by e-mail, text etc. using the EPOS system to notify them of special promotions, up-coming events, etc.
  21. In the event that Hawcoat Park Supporters Ltd ceases to operate, all accumulated points will be invalidated.


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