Players Please Read!

Gents please see this extract sent out to Northern Group Referees.


‘This season the RFU are looking to clubs to look at “player appealing” during matches.  It’s a negative trend that is becoming increasingly more prevalent in competitive rugby and is detracting from the playing spectacle.  Within the Division we would invite all club DoR’s and Coaches to encourage players to play the game, rather than looking to the Match Officials for decisions that may not be warranted. Needless to say. This is a focal point that the Divisional Training Officers are working on with the Division referees.

As the Divisional Leader, I would also invite all clubs to ensure that the “match day pitch environment” is properly set out with regards to spectator barriers and technical areas in the interests of player safety.  I would also request that coaches and replacement players always remain within their allocated technical areas or behind the barriers.  Physios and water carriers should have “bibs that clearly identify them and their role” and they should ensure that they comply with appropriate protocols and the match day referee directives pre-match.

Finally, may I also ask that your players are reminded about what is “acceptable equipment” when playing rugby football.  Following many preseason warm up fixtures, we have received numerous comments from referees that they are finding players with substandard and at times dangerous equipment.  This primarily is linked to studs that are contrary to World Rugby guidelines.  It is a player responsibility to ensure that their kit and equipment is complaint with World Rugby Laws and regulations.  A directive has been issued to all Division North referees that if a player has been asked to change his equipment pre-match and then refuses to do so he/she may be dismissed with a red card if they take the field and the match starts’.


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