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Club Update to all Chairman and Section Leaders.

As we are now in March and looking forward to when we can all get back to some easing of restrictions which hopefully will allow us to open the club so we can start to enjoy the facilities again. I thought it timely to give you all an update on the situation with the club and would be grateful if you could pass this update on to all your section members.  

As some of you will be aware the NHS late 2020 and early 2021 set up a covid vaccination centre at the club and just as it was to go live they informed us the no longer required our club as the other two centres in town where more than coping. While this was obviously disappointing it was good that the numbers getting vaccinated was on target. All the equipment they set up has now been disassembled and removed. They did however do some painting within the club and installed another ramp at the front of the building, In addition the lighting inside and outside the building have been improved so it was not all for nothing. 

The crowd funding project we ran was an amazing success and will help us continue through these difficult times. However the continued lock down has meant we have had to dip into the crowd funding pot which was earmarked for the refurbishment of the front of the building. We are however determined that this refurbishment will go ahead and are currently looking at costs for the work. We have also been successful with all the Government and local grants we applied for.

Board members have been meeting (via Zoom) and working hard prior to and through this lockdown to ensure the survival of your club and are in the final stages of putting a number of strategies in place. Membership is one and following a lot of work from Andy and Keith they have managed to sanitise the membership list which has highlighted the membership numbers have gone down and a number of people are playing for sections without being members. This is something that has to stop and will be a priority of the board going forward and we will be asking for all sections to help police this. You have a copy of your sections membership current and outstanding and ask that you update it accordingly and return it.

Unfortunately we had a burst main water pipe right in front of the club house which has now been fixed. We are currently in dialog with BAE as to whose responsibility this is.

The board are now working towards being in a position to partially reopen the club for outdoor activities late March and outdoor Bar mid April If all goes to plan we should open fully 21st  June,  we will man the bars with volunteers as last year and are currently compiling a list of names. We would be grateful if any one who is interested in helping out would give their names to a board member.

Bookings are coming in regularly for the hall and we only have a handful of Saturdays available from June until the end of the year. 

All sections will also need to update their risk assessments in line with government guidelines/ governing body and forward them to me for approval. They will not be allowed to restart activities without one.

As soon as we are allowed to reopen the board will hold a face to face meeting in the hall with all members for a full update and plans for going forward. Can I ask that all members support and use the club when able to so as to ensure we can get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Paul Burns


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